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What is a Capsule Wardrobe with a list of Essentials


What is a Capsule Wardrobe with a list of Essentials

What is a Capsule Wardrobe with a list of Essentials

How messy it is to have a thousand of clothes clinging in and out of the wardrobe. And you deny wearing it every time you see it. There’s something about those pieces which refrain you from wearing those options.

So, why not clean up all the unnecessary stuff and create an altogether new set of wear about which are absolutely love and you want to wear them again and again.

And guess what, there’s  a trendy word to it- your own personal capsule wardrobe. Yes! You heard that right. It is pointless stuffing your Almira with plenty of things.

How to Make a Capsule Wardrobe for yourself

Create your own beautiful capsule wardrobe and feel good every time you open it. And it is as easy as eating your favorite pizza. Just go with the flow.

List of Essentials for Capsule wardrobe

Note down some tips and tricks for creating a funky but essential capsule wardrobe.

Move 1 – Eradicate everything from your wardrobe. With everything, it literally means everything! Take out all your jeans and tee’s and your super cute dresses. The task might sound a little herculean but trust me it is worth the effort.

Move2 – Start grouping your clothes in the degree of likeness. Make different segments.

I totally love it – This section will include your immediate go-to clothes which you love wearing al the time. You can wear it over and over again without any worry of repeating clothes. This section has to be your super favorite one.

Maybe- Maybe not – This department will carry clothes which you prefer wearing occasionally. You are not much inclined towards these ones and often get puzzled up before thinking of wearing it.

Absolutely Not: This section is definitely the most striking one. You need to keep all the clothes in this pile which makes you look fat, not in shape or uncomfortable. You need not throw them. Rather donate it to someone. And never think of buying similar pieces again.

Seasonal but I love it: This can have your clothes which are occasionally worn by you. More of it, seasonally worn. You will surely not wear a furry overcoat in summers but I know you love it. So keep them safely under your bed box. They are pretty after all.

Now all you need to do is collect the ones that are a super like for you and the maybes and keep them all prim and proper in your wardrobe.

These are the ones which will actually define your wardrobe. You love them and you will definitely wear them so no extra stuff in your wardrobe. Isn’t that cool and so tidy?

The blunders!

There’s nothing like a perfect outfit and there’s definitely nothing like a perfect wardrobe. The mistakes tend to occur which is absolutely fine.

All you need to remember is to keep stuff that you are always willing to wear and also some essentials along with it.

Just don’t but anything which is out of your choice and doesn’t fit the list. It will again add up to some crap being stored. And you don’t want that. Right?

Surprise Surprise!

Capsule Wardrobe List of Essentials

You need not worry thinking what are the most important things that your capsule setup must have. I have done that for you. Check out the basic needs and essential that a capsule wardrobe cannot avoid and you’ll love it.

  1. Tees– a white tee, a black tee, a graphic tee and a crop top. Yes, your heard it right. All of these are basic essentials and need to be there. You cannot skip any of these. So if you still lack on any of these, go and pick one immediately.
  2. Tank Tops– a white tank top and a grey tank top are highly important. No matter how many fancy dresses and gowns you buy, you are always going to rely on these basics. And no matter how many printed and colored tanks you own, white and grey are the only rescue options you have.
  3. Shirts– these are to selected very wisely and carefully. You cannot make a mistake here. You can always have plenty of these in your wardrobe but even if you are not a big shirt fan, you still need to keep some of them which are essential. A boyfriend shirt- irrespective of any color, a chambray shirt and a classic button up shirt come in the category of must haves. You cannot miss out in any of these.
  4. Bottoms– have a look the most important bottoms your wardrobe must have.
    • A pair if track shorts and denim shortstop the bottoms list. They need to be there and they must be there. You can purchase as many bottoms you feel like but these two are majorly important.
    • How can we forget jeans when we talk about bottoms. A pair classic denim and grey jeans have to be there. These two are simply unavoidable. Next are a boyfriend jeans and another one to add the list is distressed jeans and a pair of high rise jeans. All of these combined together to complete the wardrobe in a true sense. And trust me, you’ll want to wear all of them with different combinations. So if you are still short on any of theses, you know the drill.
    • A comfortable pair of joggers is what you really want. They should be branded and super comfortable and a bit trendy. They will be your to- go a piece of clothing. So they ought to be like one.
    • Last but certainly not the least is a skirt. A pencil skirt and drape skirt will add glamor to your wardrobe. Even if you are not a skirt person, buy these two. You will surely want to wear one time or the other.
  5. Dress – Who doesn’t want a little pomp and show? All of us do. Apart from being casual, it is important to be a little trendy and sassy sometimes and dresses do it just the right way. Incorporate a grey dress and a floral mini dress in your wardrobe. These two will serve their purpose quite interestingly.
  6. Jackets / Blazers – Stepping into a colder zone, some of the jackets are a must have. A relaxed blazer for milder winters and a casual attire, a vegan moto jacket for a more edgy and rocking look and a jean jacket to finish up the list.

So, now you know what to keep what to throw away. All you need to know is you should be in love with your creation and whatever you decide to keep. Keep it less but keep it stylish and trendy.

Because boring is too mainstream. Edgy is the new kick. So stay edgy and stay stylish.

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