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How to use a Curling Iron – 10 Tricks to Curl your hairs like a Pro!


How to use a Curling Iron – 10 Tricks to Curl your hairs like a Pro!

How to use a Curling Iron – 10 Tricks to Curl your hairs like a Pro!

Everyone wants to look amazed, and there are plenty of things you can try to look smart and attractive.

You should start with the Curls because Curls can do the charm and always remain in the trend. That’s why today we are here with some of the best and productive tips and tricks to use a Curling Iron.

Have you ever thought ‘How to use a curling Iron like a Pro’! Then Go ahead and read our compiled useful curling iron tricks.

1. Use a small barrel Curling iron for Shirley temple and tight curls, and use a conical curling wand for springy curls.

Three barrel curling wand will be used for Not so 80’s hairs. For voluminous and loose curls you should try medium barrel iron and hot rollers for natural and loose curls.

How to any type of curl by curling iron

Suitable Curling Iron for different types of Curls.. by Total Beauty.

2. Use large barrelled iron for loose waves and use small barrelled for iron for tight and small curls.different types of Curls


In the case of Taper Curling Iron: Smaller tip iron works best for springy tight curls and large end iron works best for loose and bigger curls.

3. Temperature:

  • 140~160℃ :for the hair that easy to be shaped.
  • 160~180℃ :for the hair after dye or perm.
  • 200~220℃ :for the thick hair or naturally curly hair.

4. For your Choice of curls, you should dry your hairs accordingly. Different type of drying your hair is responsible for different types of the curls.

Types of Curls vs dry

via Advice from Twenty something

5. If you would like to add waves for your shorter hairs, use medium barrel iron facing downward.Curls for short hairs


6. Follow this guide, if would like to have Victoria Secret, little mermaid, and Shirley temple like perfect curls.

long hair curls


7. For more natural and voluminous look, Curl your hair in the direction away from you face on both sides.

Curls for Natural and Voluminous Look


On the right side of the face curl, your hair in the clockwise direction whereas on the left side curl your hairs in the anti-clockwise direction.

8. Don’t drag and don’t let fall your curls off the wand before they cool down. Use your hand to letting it cool, resulting in longer lasting curls.

Allow the curl to cool


9. While using taper curling wand, use it upside-down, and start curling the root on the larger side of wands.

how to use curling iron


10. If you are in a hurry, don’t dip your hot curling iron in the cold water, as it can damage your iron. In fact, you can hang it somewhere safe place beyond the reach of children and pets.

Hot Curling Iron Travel Bag Case

Or you can buy a Heat Resistant Curling Iron Bag, which you can use for traveling also.

11. On a regular basis, you should clean your Curling iron time by time for its optimal result. You can clean your iron by applying and rubbing alcohol or any other paint thinner on it.

Curl Iron Cleaner

But don’t apply alcohol when iron is hot or wired in as alcohol is highly inflammable. Or You can buy a Curl Iron Cleaner directly from Amazon.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Find out suitable Curling Iron for your desired Curl look.
  • Never go above 300 degrees Celcius if you really love your hairs.
  • Use your hand to allow curls to cool for longer lasting curls.
  • Tighter and closer you hair on the barrel, tighter will be the curls.
  • To avoid burning your face or head Hold the wand behind your head.
  • Clean your Curling Iron with Wet Cloth or Alcohol.
  • Beware use Alcohol when iron is cooled down as its highly inflammable.
  • Use Heat Resistant Iron bag for Travelling.
  • Keep away hot iron from the reach of the children and pets.

Conclusion: If you have more tips for using iron or if we missed some let us know we would love to add your tips as well in this tutorial. Let us know your ideas and tips in comment section or you can directly contact us. Cheers!

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